Group Tour Package

If you are traveling abroad as a Group, whether it is for work or leisure or educational trips, we can assist you from start to finish. Our specialists will provide you and your company the highest quality travel service while ensuring that discounted fares are utilized and monitored. Our travel professionals will ensure that our clients are accorded the services and privileges they deserve.
We offer weekend escapes to special luxury vacations, tailored to your specific desires and needs. We can assist you in booking airline tickets, hotel or resort accommodations, car rentals, Visa and Passport and Foreign Exchange to just name a few.Our mission is to build the world's largest and most intelligent travel marketplace, connecting more travelers with the best travel booking services and destination information, and delivering value to travel suppliers and other companies that want to reach this unmatched audience.We organize Group Tours for students; families and corporate world .We organize one day picnics for schools.
We organize one day visit for group of families. We also organize one day visit for corporate companies. We take special care of the needs and expectations and interests of every one. We even have fun sessions for everyone. For students we organize one day picnic in which we make them to know the history of the locations we develop a interest among them which takes them into a new world of dreams.